What We Offer



We are Scientists-Artists who believe in the integrative power of disciplines to effect change.

We utilize Cognitive Neuroscience approaches to understand fundamental aspects of human intelligence such as our ability to reason, think, plan, and communicate.

All of these mental abilities are directly implicated in the creation, interpretation, and appreciation of Art. To engage with Art means to integrate language, emotion, perception, and creativity in novel ways.

We utilize Art to channel the importance of storytelling to engage our audiences through multiple audiovisual platforms.

Our unique application of Cognitive Neuroscience, the Arts and Entrepreneurship allows us to bridge the gap between theory and practice and Science, Art, Business, and Society.

La Petite Noiseuse Productions combines integrative Science-Art communication, education, entertainment and immersion to the forefront of innovation to offer services in the areas below.



classCreating new and original works, programs, and events pertaining to Science, Art and Technology to enhance public engagement. Commissioned works welcomed. Services include:

° Film & Theatrical Productions (any topic)

° Content for digital apps (Medical, Artistic, Financial, Educational, Business)


classIdentifying and Implementing new problem-solving strategies for improved user experience within a range of commercial, educational, entertainment, entrepreneurial, financial, legal, and institutional domains. Activities and topics include:

° Workshops (Brain & Health Sciences + Arts + Entrepreneurship)

° Seminars & Courses

° Creative, Analytical, Content, & Grant Writing

° Science Communication & Storytelling

° Project Design, Management, & Marketing

° Research Methodologies & Data Acquisition

° Novel Perspectives for Cognitive Modeling


classPioneering unique interdisciplinary curricula and instructional design methods for learners of all ages and educational backgrounds that incorporate multiple disciplines and train and educate a new generation of ethically aware and well informed individuals. Topics include:

° Science, the Arts & Storytelling

° Improvisation & Creative Cognition

° Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Computing

° Cognitive Modeling for Cybersecurity

° Music & Visual Art Perception & Cognition

° Theoretical Neuroscience

° (Neuro)Aesthetics & the Aesthetic Experience

° Cognitive Neuropsychology of Data Visualization

° Information Visualization for Business, Finance & Law

° Science, Business & Entrepreneurship

° Documentary & Narrative (World) Cinema & Photography

° Contemporary Art History (Theory, Practice & Science)


classIntegrating multilingual elements into problem-solving strategies to increase multicultural inclusion through translation. Languages include:

° Spanish

° French

° Italian


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