Research & Development Program in Creative Cognition



As a company at the forefront of Science-Art integration, we are focused on understanding the what and how of creativity and spontaneous multisensory adaptability. Our goal is to have an impact on the next generation of artificial intelligent systems.

All artworks we create (theatre, film, & photography) function as unique frameworks from which we acquire novel data for our empirical study of creativity and human intelligence.

The published articles below discuss the methods, data, and results of La Petite Noiseuse Productions' original and innovative research.



tempdoc   Colorful Insights Supporting the Modeling of Creative Processes Across Language, Music, & Emotion

   Lebowsky, F. and López-González, M. (in press)

    IS&T Electronic Imaging Symposium: Color Imaging XXIII, (IS&T, Springfield, VA, 2018)




tempdoc   For Female Leaders of Tomorrow

   Cultivate an Interdisciplinary Mindset

   López-González, M. (in press)

    IEEE WIE Forum USA East, (IEEE, 2017)



tempdoc   STEAM is hotter than STEM

   The why and what of my teaching paradigm in higher education

   López-González, M.

    SciArt Magazine - Special Topics STEAM Education issue, (August 2017)

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tempdoc   Manifesto for Empirical Revolution No. 2

   the reseARch scienTIST paradigm to unraveling the mind behind musical improvisation

   López-González, M. (in press)

    Diffrazioni 2016 Catalogue, (Conservatorio Cherubini, Florence, Italy, 2017)



tempdoc   Trading Conversations Between Science and Art

   When Musical Improvisation Enters the Dialogue on Stage

   López-González, M. (January 2017)

    IS&T Electronic Imaging Symposium: Human Vision and Electronic Imaging, (IS&T, Springfield, VA, 2017)




tempdoc   Trading Conversations

   When Improvisation Enters the Dialogue

    López-González, M. (June 2016)

    The Baltimore Jazz Alliance Newsletter, 13(5), p.4





    Minds in the Spotlight

    Using Live Performance Art to Uncover Creative Thinking Processes

     López-González, M. (February 2016)

     IS&T Electronic Imaging Symposium: Human Vision and Electronic Imaging, (IS&T, Springfield, VA, 2016)

     doi: 10.2352/ISSN.2470-1173.2016.16HVEI-143




   Cognitive Psychology Meets Art

 Exploring Creativity, Language, and Emotion Through Live Musical Improvisation in Film and Theatre

  López-González, M. (March 2015)

    Proceedings of SPIE 9394, Human Vision and Electronic Imaging XX, 939403; doi: 10.1117/12.2083880





    Dramatic Moments for Improvisation

     López-González, M. (May 2015)

     The Baltimore Jazz Alliance Newsletter, 12(4), p8






   Jazz Improvisation: A Window into the Creative Brain

    López-González, M. (September 2013)

    The Baltimore Jazz Alliance Newsletter, 10(9), p4






   Jazz Meets Film Revisted

    López-González, M. (August 2013)

    The Baltimore Jazz Alliance Newsletter, 10(8), p4-5