Integrating Science, Data, Art, and Social Entrepreneurship


We strongly believe in educating and preparing learners of all ages and professions to be next generation multidisciplinary critical thinkers, problem solvers, effective storytellers, business-savvy creatives and leaders of change.

We work with institutions, companies, and one-on-one with our clients to improve education excellence and innovation by utilizing our unique education platform.

We evaluate, define, design, and implement an educational platform that integrates three tiers of knowledge, skills, and products from:

      ° behavioral, cognitive, brain, data and computational sciences

      ° visual, literary, and performing arts

      ° entrepreneurship

Our unique multidisciplinary and personalized approach leads to successful outcomes and real impact.



Data, Science, Art, and Technology are a part of our everyday lives. We build their connections to update and optimize business culture, product development and performance, and public engagement strategies.

We use the Cognitive, Brain, and Computational Sciences and the Arts to improve R&D paradigms with direct applications to autonomous systems, cyber, finance, enivronment, education, and arts and culture.

We tailor our workshops to meet clients' needs.



We pioneer, develop, and teach original and unique multidisciplinary Science-Art curricula.

We tailor all our courses to a variety of age groups and knowledge backgrounds.

Our courses lie at the Science-Art-Business intersection and cover a variety of topics such as:

tack Cognitive and brain science applications

tack Creativity, improvisation, and artificial intelligence

tack Entrepreneurship and innovation

tack Art-Science-Design thinking

tack Human perception and cognition

tack Human visual and auditory systems

tack World cinema and documentary photography and film

tack Art movements: theory, culture, history, politics, and science


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Read and hear what students have said about their educational experiences with us



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"I cannot thank you enough for all you have taught me! These past 6 weeks have been extremely valuable and I have learned more than I could have imagined. Thanks to you, not only did I attend class and write a paper, but I developed my analytical skills and thinking capabilities. Also, I picked up key skills which I will carry on to college. You have taught me things which I don't think any other mentor could have taught me... this summer has been a truly enriching experience which I will cherish forever, and it's all thanks to you"

                         -Shreya V.


"... Before completing your course, I did not realize how interested I am in taking cognitive science courses when I go to college. All the readings and books you recommended really helped me understand what we learned at such a great depth in two weeks. ... This experience has truly been incredible. I, again, want to thank you for teaching me so much in such little time... This class was awesome!"

                        -Valeria L.


"It has been a true pleasure being in your class these past 2 weeks. The insight you have given me into a field I didn't know previously existed has widened my love for a subject I found elusive. The passion you teach with comes through clean to us and has shown me that with the right tools, one can unlock a whole new world of knowledge. So thank you for making these two weeks some of the most stimulating weeks ever."

                        -Shuchi S.


"Thank you for all the guidance/mentorship/opportunities/frienship/ learning and fun you've given me. You've been such an important infleuncing force and blessing in my life. I admire and respect you beyond words. Fondly.

                                                                     -O'Reilly M.