What We Offer As A Science-Art-Driven Firm



We are Scientists-Artists who believe in the integrative power of disciplines to effect change. Where others see a disconnect, we see powerful connections.

We utilize our own novel multidisciplinary platform to recognize, understand, and unleash fundamental aspects of human intelligence such as our ability to be creative and pursue transformational action. Our platform is the result of years merging the Cognitive, Brain, Behavioral and Data Sciences with the Visual, Musical, Literary and Performing Arts. Learn more about our platform's R&D here.

Such a platform has direct implications for any field where strategic thinking, creative problem-solving, and impactful public communication are necessary for successful outcomes.

Our unique expertise in and application of the Brain Sciences, the Arts, and Entrepreneurship allow us to effectively and efficiently bridge the gap between theory and practice and Science, Art, Business and Society.

La Petite Noiseuse Productions offers the following consulting services below.



classIdentifying and Implementing new and creative problem-solving strategies for improved user experience and engagement. We work within a range of commercial, educational, entertainment, entrepreneurial, financial, legal, and institutional domains. Learn more about our methods here. Activities and topics include:

° Project Building, Assessment, Evaluation, & Implementation

° Multi-tiered Research Methodologies, Data Acquisition, & Data Analytics

° Novel Perspectives for Cognitive Modeling

° Workshops, Seminars, & Courses

° Creative, Analytical, Content, & Grant Writing

° Science Communication & Storytelling


classCreating new and original works that lie at the intersection of Science, Art, Healthcare, and Technology. Commissioned works welcomed. Types include:

° Film & Theatrical Productions

° Narrative Content for Digital Apps


classPioneering unique interdisciplinary STEAMM curricula and instructional design methods for learners of all ages and educational backgrounds. We incorporate multiple disciplines to train and educate a new generation of ethically aware and well-informed individuals. Topics include:

° Improvisation & Creative Cognition

° Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Computing

° Cognitive Modeling for Automation, Cybersecurity, Environment, & Finance

° Human Perception & Cognition

° Science & Creative Storytelling

° Cognitive Neuroscience of Data Visualization in Business, Finance, & Law

° Science & Entrepreneurship

° Theoretical Neuroscience

° (Neuro)Aesthetics & the Aesthetic Experience

° Documentary & Narrative (World) Cinema & Photography


classIntegrating multilingual elements to increase multicultural inclusion through translation. Languages we work in are:

° Spanish

° French

° Italian


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